Sunday, November 30, 2008

Absinth Minded

Ideal Bulb

Inukshuk #3

Inukshuk #2

Inukshuk #1
Electrophorus Electricus
My high school had a large print making facility. These are some lithographs I created two years ago in grade thirteen. I am always asked, what is lithography? Quite simply, lithography is the process of chemically etching a grease drawn image into lime stone. After your image is etched you can pull multiple copies of your image from the press. There are many complicated steps involved in the preparation of the lime stone, such as acids and different powders. Its kinda complicated but really fun to do!
If any one wants to know more about lithography please email me. I would love to tell you more.


dustin said...

man I saw tons of inukshuks on the bus out to alberta. Lots in northern Ontario. Pretty wick

JoJo said...

I really love the Inukshuks especially #2. I had no idea what one was until my last trip to visit my grandma and we went to the canoe museum. They are really interesting... I'm sad I didn't know about them before, I feel like a bad Canadian :(